As of 03.12.2017, Cash Deposits of the equivalent of 87.50 TT$ or over, excluding First Deposit funds, are eligible for a reload bonus of 5% of the Deposit up to a maximum of 875 TT$, for eligiable accounts .
Multiple deposits will infer multiple bonuses up to the maximum total value of 875 TT$, or equivalent, at any one time.
Reload Bonuses awards will be considered "completed" when:
1. Bets whose Stakes total 3 times the value of the deposit are "Settled".
2. Bet Stakes totalling the value of the deposit are "Lost".
Any Bonus Funds used as Bet Stakes are not counted. Any Void Bets are not counted.
Once a Reload Bonus is completed, those Bonus funds are eligible for withdrawal .
If any funds are withdrawn or transfered out of the Sportsbook, any pending reload bonuses will be cancelled. Furthermore, the account will not be eligible for any further Reload Bonus Awards on subsequent deposits until any withdrawals have been re-deposited.
Any reload Bonus awards not completed within 90 days will expire and be removed from the account.
We reserve the right to exclude, amend or end the Reload Bonus offer at any time, without prior notice.
All "Sportsbook Customer" Accounts are eligible for the new Reload Bonus unless deemed excluded. Any abuse of the new Reload Bonus Award mechanic will result in the account being deemed excluded.